An experience of FCR by a Palatal MyoClonus patient.


Post FCR #2 Report 1 week later. I’m back in AZ!

Now I’m down to 4-5 ear clicks in 1 min consistently, and they don’t always happen in both ears anymore either.
Pre FCR, I believe I had to listen to anywhere from 40-100 clicks per min in my ears at all times daily, with some variance depending on the day, stress level, time of month/hormonal cycle. This would not break during sleep.
It’s been amazing to me now that I’m getting more freedom from that constant stressful “noise” how much more of my calm I’ve been able to remain at daily, how much more I enjoy and just want to stay in overall silence now and not have something else “on” like tv, music, a fan, to drown out the noise in my head. I thoroughly enjoy silence and crave it more now.
And I hear my own thoughts better now. It’s incredible.
Huge gifts of positive change. So grateful. :)
Also, the discomfort I had been feeling on the left side of my head above my ear is still now mostly gone post FCR treatment 2 & that whole left side feels more “normal” and not tight.
I’m thinking what little of left of that left side discomfort at this point (which at least is now no longer distracting me from thinking & focusing on my work, writing, reading, etc.) will be entirely gone post FCR treatment 3.
So far, so GREAT! :-) Getting my mind, body & life back, slowly but surely. It feels amazing to experience more of my mind again, even just being able to read again without head pain so I can focus & enjoy it. Something I’d missed so much.
Heather Dube