Memphis man finds relief of Palatal Myoclonus (throat Clicking) through unusual treatment with balloons.

This is an amazing story from Fox News in Memphis of a man with Palatal Myoclonus who was treated by Dr. Allen Goode who is a certified FCR doctor trained by Dr. John Lieurance, DC the developer of FCR. Functional Cranial Release or FCR is a method which has successfully treated many difficult neurological diseases through the use of specific endo-nasal balloon adjusting along with Chiropractic Functional Neurology. Dr. John Lieurance has successfully treated more Palatal myoclonus patients than any other single physician on the planet which makes him the worlds expert on the disease. He has many of these cases posted on his web site where dozens of real patients share there struggles with PM and the successful results through the FCR treatment. Dr. Lieurance personally coached Dr. Goode with Joel in his treatment and hopes that eventually with the right combination of care Joel can live completely free of PM.

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