How to cure Palatal Myoclonus or PM using Functional Neurology.

I just wanted to announce to the group I have begun writing a paper for publication in the medical journals. It’s interesting to embark on such a task as it gets one to really delve into the literature to better explain whats happening in the brain with various forms of brain activation in which seem to help create neuroplasticity that re-afferentates the inferior olivary nucleus which is the primary area that is an issue with PM. There are several aspects of my work that could have various effects to correct the myoclonus and in this paper I need to explain all possibilities. I’ll keep you in the loop as my work progresses. Please keep in mind that there will NEVER be a drug or injection or herb that will cure PM!!! All of these do not specifically effect certain pathways. Drugs and such can only increase or decrease brain activity and it is a global effect. What needs to happen with PM is you need to have very specific pathways activated in order to “rewire” the brain. Specifically the dentato-rubro and rubro-olivary (central segmental) pathways. But also there maybe be ways to activate the olivary nucleus to stabilize through presynaptic and postsynaptic pathways. As my work evolves I may be able to better treat the large variety of presentations that PM folks present to me. Sorry for rambling on but it’s exciting to be able to help such a horrible condition!